Monday, August 25, 2008

Manawa Volunteers - A Mighty Big Thank You!!!!

Steve D. sends....

After numerous evenings of bug infested, poison ivy/summac, and high humidity heavy duty cutting, clearing and cleaning the Manawa MTB trails are back. Steve is tremendously appreciative of all the folks that helped out for the last month and a half plus clearing out all the water and wind damage to the trails. He couldn't have done it without you and he passes on his sincere thanks to all of you that helped out.

Over the last several years the black/technical trails with many of the log crossings and technical features have been ground down so the trails were not so difficult anymore. Many large trees and logs were trimmed up and left in place to replace those features in the technical trail areas. The "No Second Chance" trail has the largest logs that require "trials" skills as Dale pointed out in the previous blog post. These are still work in progress and will be built up a bit in the next couple of months.


And from the rest of us trail users a mighty big thanks to Steve, Blaine, and Tom for having the perseverance and tenancity spearheading this monumental clean up effort by hitting the damage each and every week for the last month and a half plus.

There are a countless number of other folks unrecognized that gave so much time and effort I wish we could spotlight all of you but on behalf of all the users a big thank you just the same. This was definitely a community effort to accomplish.


Roxy said...

Here, fricken, here!

I'm proud of this club and their undeniable dedication to the ride.

On behalf of the THOR board, a sincere thanks to everyone who helped out!

Rusty Car said...

Nice job all, hoping to be back soon to enjoy your hard work. LtD and many others, you make Rusty proud!

Tell LtD to answer my calls, tell'em that is me vibrating, he will know what you mean!