Sunday, August 24, 2008

some new ttfs at manawa

Forgot the one with Tom, Martin, and I checking over the trail after completion.

These pics are from Saturday's work in Tony's Playground.

Martin is checking ring clearance on a new log crossing. Better technical riders can clear it where Martin is standing without the stepup and down help.

Ginger was a great traildog, though she was sore and limping today. This log was dropped straight down but would roll. I don't like moving logs so I sunk it in the ground a couple inches. Still hits your ring when attempted w/o technique.

Martin made some great stakes to secure logs from moving.

No 2nd Chance has several new logs that are difficult to climb over, let alone ride. This brought back memories of how difficult Manawa was early on. Slowly, the ttfs have worn down or given easy bypasses. No 2nd Chance is for the people who like grinding up logs and other trials type riding. Check it out!

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