Wednesday, October 13, 2010

L&C trailday this Sunday, Oct 17

Hey guys and gals, imo, this trailwork is as good as it gets. We're adding trail in sculptable dirt and increasing the overall difficulty in a sustainable way. If you ride L&C, join us in putting some sweat equity into this trail.

When: Sunday, Oct 17
Where: L&C parking lot
Time: 13:00-16:00

Work to do:
- Finish Supermodel (switchback route up Neverest hill)
- 100-150 yard addition to reincorporate part of the trail along the railroad tracks

Tools: rogue hoes, mcleods, loppers, shovels, already have two chainsaws.

Long pants (moving dirt, thorn bushes), gloves, safety glasses

Supermodel is almost done, just a little finish work and removing the downed tree blocking the entrance left.

The bottom addition between the railroad trail and current trail is more hilly than either with many downed trees and thorn bushes to clear from trail corridor. Fortunately, the dirt is easy to move. Should have 7 or 8 rogue hoes, plus about the same number of mcleods to sculpt tread.

Let's get 20+ people and try to knock out this addition in one trailday.

Entrance to Supermodel:

Supermodel switchback 1

Supermodel switchback 4

Looking down at switchback 4 (35% grade):

Switchback 2 has a bailout to Neverest in order to bypass the two 30%+ climbing switchbacks. Supermodel only is the most difficult route. Supermodel-Neverest-Supermodel is easier than Neverest-Supermodel because one is able to carry momentum into the climb instead of almost stopping for Neverest's entrance.

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