Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Trail Closure at Swanson Park

The old trail North West of the Fire Department training area is officially closed by the City of Bellevue in both directions. The new trail that parallels the fence line is still good to go. The old closed off trail is on private property and the land owner wants everyone off their land.

THe City has made the decision to block the trail with fencing and post No Trespassing signs and Posted Private Property on behalf of the owner. The areas are well marked with caution tape.

THOR leadership is engaged with Bellevue officials to maintain a good working relationship and keep and open dialog with regards to this matter.

Please honor the land owner's wishes and stay out of the old trail. If you see someone tearing down the new fences or signage please report it to the authorities.

Take the time to educate other riders of the situation, respect the land owner's rights and wishes, and spread the word quickly.

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Anonymous said...

Too bad, we'll miss that little section, but a BIG THANK YOU to the THOR volunteers that built a fast swaying singletrack along the fenceline. Keep up the good work. -Joe