Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Lewis and Clark Trail Day

Hi All!
I was hoping you could join the devoted for one last Trail Day at Lewis and Clark.
I've had some contact with a person with the Geologic Society and have maps with defined boundaries. This could help us in making some decisions about any re-routing we might want to do.
Please plan to gather on
Sunday - October 17th1:00 pmLewis and Clark parking lotWhat to bring: axes, hatchets, chain saws, weed wacker, loppers, Rogue Hoes!, hand trimmers, anything to help clear a trail.
And Gloves! Don't forget gloves!
Pray the weather holds -
See you there


Martin said...

Might be smelling some smoked meat too!

Night Owl Market said...

Does your new map ensure that Private Property is avoided? The existing trails still haven't been closed off yet and any trail clearing or re-routing needs to avoid private property. I am the property owner - could you please email me a PDF of your new map to make sure you have the right one?

Thank You. nightowlmarket@gmail.com