Saturday, May 31, 2008

chainsaw trail day at Calvin Crest

Packed up bob with tools and supplies and headed out to Calvin Crest Saturday. Great ride out and back.

We had five chainsaws in action with the Wolfe clan volunteers - a very nice family. I was included to feel like one of the family. This was the first work done on the trail beyond marking. Put in 40 work hrs and knocked out over half the heavy cutting in the cedars. Guessing a little less than half a mile.

For several reasons, this trail will progress more slowly than expected. I think there will be less than 3 miles completed by the end of 08. Hopefully, 09 will have enough mtb trail to make it worth the trip. The trail will be used by campers, hunters, 3D archery, etc. in the mean time.

The rivers are way up. Here is the Platte at hwy 77 around 09:00.

And high water on the Elkhorn at hwy 36 around 18:00.

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