Friday, May 9, 2008

impromptu tp work 07-May

Took a couple pics of trailworkers Wednesday night at Tranquility - Dave and Greg spent a couple hours on the first mowing of the year.

If you have a mower and want to spend an hour or so mowing, please let Doug know at

I took the edge off some older trail, then rode some with bob and tools fixing some nuisances. And Chris, Doug, and Paul spent 7 hours on some benching on the north hill.


Martin said...

Are you guys going to start charging folks to ride there?

Man its looking awesome.

BLUEIF said...

Thanks for all that you guys do!!

Martin said...

Finally got to ride Monday nite and the whole trail is getting way smoother. Great new reroutes of the reroute from last season.

Build up the bank ride!

Awesome accomplishments in a couple weeks.