Saturday, May 17, 2008

tranquility race layout

Received an email about the Aug 16 Tranquility Tire Tantrum. A couple guys are training for the race and want to know how many laps. Since Beginner Men are currently taking about 40 minutes to complete one full lap, we decided to cut out a couple climbs to bring the mid-pack lap time down to 30 and have the Beginner Men do 2 laps. Beginner Women, Juniors, and 1st Timers will do 1 lap.

I just finished cutting in a bypass of the iceplex loop.

The right goes down towards the iceplex and the left stays on top of the southhill. We will be moving the 3 mile marker about 50 yds to here to sign the bypass.

The climb after riding along the south side of the creek is also removed. Click here for a map.

Yellow = trail
Red = finish line
Blue = parked cars and race only access
Black = bypasses for Junior/Beginner race

Current thoughts are Sport will race 2 or 3 laps and Expert 4 laps.


Anonymous said...

4 or more for SPORT!!! The fun we could have!!!

dale said...

I would need 3 hrs to finish 4 or more laps. I thought about thowing in a 3 hr marathon race for the fun of it! Start at 10:00 with Jr/Beg and you have to start your last lap by 13:00.

This would not count towards the xc series, just like Platte, so either you don't care or it costs you one of your two throw-away races.

Mark K said...

I would be up for the 3 hour as long as we use the complete trail. I think tranquility has a good balance of hills and flats for a endurance race. Just my 2 cents.