Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Volunteers Needed: Manawa

Volunteers are needed to prepare the race course for the 4th Psycowpath Mountain Bike race at Manawa State Park.

When: Tuesday, May 27

Time: Meet in trail head parking lot at 5:45, head out at 6. Plan on a couple hours.

Bring: loppers, rakes, McLouds, shovels.

To Do List: Dickey will be on the tractor mower, so we'll need people to rake up behind him as well as behind those trimming the single track. The utility road straight-away at the start of the long section needs smoothing out. The log pile before you pop out onto the gravel double track needs some attention. Need to cut down any hanging branches or overgrown weeds.

Also, Steve has asked for two people to stay until the end to make sure he doesn't have any trouble with the mower (it's happened before).

Gatorade will be on hand.

Also, this is a good opportunity to come out and renew your membership and get a shirt for $5! Offer ends 5/31!


mathguy said...

We (Velo Veloce) should have at least 4 people out to help with the trail day today. Please contact Ted or myself of us if there are any changes.

rafal said...

is manawa still on for today? I think the rain should be done in the afternoon