Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Platte River SP (6 May 08)

Conditions are superb for riding at Platte.

The trails will dry quickly due to all the hard work the trail crew put in several weeks ago, they cleaned all the small sticks and logs away from the edges to allow water to drain off and make it easier to run weed eaters.

Several new reroutes or line improvements also took place so don't be surprised when you spot some new sections. Heads up for the new black jump just past the rock garden area, easily bypassed to the left (marked) if your not into big big air.

You will see yellow ropes across several of the trail entrances, these are meant to keep the horses out of the single track areas not hikers or MTBers.

Get your Marathon legs going!


stardudehero said...

Thanks for helping us mark the trail Martin - the park super is stoked!

dale said...

That is cool with the ropes keeping the horses off the singletrack!

Just wondering - are horses allowed on any singletrack?

If no, is it feasible for singletrack to bypass the horsetrails so mtb'ers could ride during the day?