Thursday, May 29, 2008

tp interior climb treadwork

Glad to hear there was a good turnout for the Manawa Trailwork yesterday. I intended to ride out but after a couple hours at Tranquility, decided to continue there and ended up with about 5.5 hrs and 130+ yds of tread widening and about half a dozen nick/grade reversals shored up or installed on the southhill interior climb.

Many were skipping this climb b/c of the ruts/sod clumps in the tread. Though more work could be done, this is worth the effort to climb, especially with Chris widening the tread for the sweeping downhill just before the cement water runoff crossing.

Looking back at the second switchback.

Looking up from the fourth switchback. This is the hard part of the climb where the gearies drop a gear and the ss'rs stand and pass them. 8-)

Rerouted after the fifth and sixth switchbacks for natural grade reversals. This section traverses a larger water route that remains stable b/c of the grass. This section will probably require those who sit and spin to stand b/c entrance and exit ledges were left steep for that purpose.

Found out later that Doug was working on the other side of the hill benching the switchback at the start of the iceplex loop.


buconine said...

Any way we could bury some pcv pipes to keep the water flow but be able to smooth the section a bit or would that impede on the water flow from the top of the hill?

dale said...

I kept the ledges in there as a ttf and to add variety to the climb. The speed through that section is relatively slow and standing on the pedals makes it easier to get through. If we had 1 foot thick rocks, I would replace the dirt ledge with them to remind me more of Fruita/Moab.