Sunday, June 15, 2008

Jewell's Looking Good

Saturday evening I did a full walk-thru down at Jewell for the first time in quite a while, and she's ripe'n ready for action. I came there expecting a good 4 hours worth of work, and wasn't disappointed. I rebuilt the log bridge again, cleared away 4 downed trees(and built up one trunk that wouldn't budge) macheted some weeds with my hand saw, chopped a bunch of overhangs, and tossed a plethora of branches and assorted crap.

I built a couple more debris dams like the one pictured below to keep tree turds from constantly flowing onto the trail. This involves laying some tree limbs above the trail, usually anchored by trees, at a spot where lots of debris is moving down the hill onto and over the trail. If this is some kind of trailbuilding no-no, just tell me and I'll stop. I haven't noticed that it causes any problems, and it cuts down on my workload quite a bit. Branches get caught in the dam, while water and leaves flow through it.

I also got growled at by a cute young raccoon, and eyed suspiciously by some protective momma deer.

As of this writing, all of the downed trees at Jewell have been dealt with. The trail is clean and the dirt is nice and tacky and 99% rideable. There is one spot at the entrance to the lowlands that is muddy and should be walked for a couple days. The weeds are just starting to get annoying. One thing that is causing me concern is the north side gravel road climb, which is almost too eroded to ride across. The new parking lot is ready but it's still blocked off for some reason.

"Debris dam" above the trail shrinks the workload:


Martin said...


Thanks for all the work!

Per the IMBA bible they didn't say anything about putting stick dams above the trail so its probably an act of brilliance.

Logs and sticks on the lower side of the trail are a no no unless dug in and benched, they hold water on the trail if they are just laid there creating mud and areas more prone to erosion.

dale said...

Ditto on thanks for the work and act of brilliance. Helps keeps branches off the trail and doesn't keep water on.

IMBA suggest throwing loose branches on the downhill side of the trail because of migration. But the dam should keep them in place while they decay.

Wife and I walked the stone up and down several weeks ago and also notice increased erosion. I thought Bellevue put some rock in but looks like it was all washed downhill. Probably needs several water diversions further uphill to bring the water across the road so it doesn't concentrate so much volume and force.