Sunday, June 22, 2008

Tranquility finally gets a Kiosk!

Thanks to the skill and labor of Mark Kuntz, there is now a beautiful new Kiosk installed at the trail head at Tranquility Park. Mark built the Kiosk all by himself and we finally got permission from the city to plant it in the ground this weekend. Dale has posted trail instructions along with a temporary trail map and also a map of the beginner race course that will be used for the Tranquility Tire Tantrum race in August.

Eventually we will install a larger easier to read trail map in the Kiosk. Please note that Tranquility trail is to be ridden in one direction ( counter clockwise ). This is for everyone's safety due to line of sight restrictions caused by the tall vegetation growth in many areas. I also want to thank Dale and Paul Nueberger for helping install the Kiosk, great work guys.



tobeistobex said...

hopefully in 2 weeks or next month i will have a better gps, I will get the GIS guy from UP or the City to Print a Large fine map for you.

dale said...

I feel like we're an official trail now! Having a kiosk with trail map and info makes it so much more friendly for the new user.

I updated my old tpmbt website,, then printed and laminated it for the kiosk.

dale said...

I'm thrilled that I saw the kiosk upright from Fort St. after the big wind.

Mark K said...

Dale, You aren't the only one to be happy to see it still standing. Atleast we know how strong it truely is.