Monday, June 30, 2008

Tranquility Back on Line

Tranquility is now completely open again and cleared of all downed trees and branches. The trail took a battering Friday and we lost more creek embankment to washout but hey we are back riding and happy. Big thanks to Greg Gibson, D-mars, and Mark Kuntz for a fast and furious chain saw party Monday afternoon. We were able to get the inner creek section cleared in 2 hours... ( and no one lost any digits ). Thanks guys!



Martin said...

iAll hail the chainsaw samurai! Well done on a tremendous amount of wood that fell.ghilmj

Chris Price gets kudos for removing the mega eye poker too.

dale said...

Thanks guys! I really thought a trailday was needed but I didn't know what chainsaw blackbelts we have in THOR.

It is a different feel riding through the downtree section. Some of the smaller branches are still working there way down so watch for stuff in the face, etc.