Monday, June 30, 2008

tp inner north creek trail

Going backwards along the creek from Fort St parking lot, the logs for the ramp have been washed away.

Loosing more of the bank.

The creek was overflowing its banks and running down the trail.

The biggest damage, turn into double dip.

Double dip to the creek.

At the creek.
Further on, we have another two places where large limbs twisted about 15' up and are hanging down onto the trail.
As Doug mentioned, the rest of the trail has been cleared of downed trees. Leaves and broken twigs on the tread so don't be surprised if it's a little slippery in places.

!!!Forgot to mention, please be extra cautious around Tranquility anytime you cross the service road because county dump trucks are busy hauling downed trees on it!!!

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Mark K said...

Is there still trees that need to be cleared? I have a chainsaw and will be free after 5.