Monday, June 23, 2008

Wilderness Park Trail Days

We are needing some serious help here in Lincoln at Wilderness Park. Mother Nature took a dump, the creek washed a lot of dead wood into the trail and then there are the blow downs.

Trail Work Days - Sat. June 28th and Sun June 29th - 10am-3pm
Meet: Old Cheney Trail Head at Old Cheney Road east of 1st street, west of the railroad tracks.
What to Bring: Chain Saw, Ax (to get the chain saw unstuck), Loppers, hand saws, Chaps, Gloves, fuel bottles and an extra bar, Long Pants for sure. I will bring 5 gal water jug and some brownies, nuts etc. BRING BUG JUICE!!
Work to be done: Clear trail of the debris Mother Nature left behind.

Help when you can - for a few hours, a day, or both days. Your work is appreciated.

Please contact "rose at dakota-st dot com" for more information.

Posted on behalf of
Rosina Paolini


Cornbread said...

You beat me to it Tom! :) Thanks for posting the info. Hopefully we'll get a good turnout.

NaugaBike said...

Hoping to make it. I have not been to Wilderness yet - guess that time. Plan is to head to Lincoln after my ham radio breakfast (ends about 9am). See you then.

dale said...

So any report on the work accomplished?