Sunday, June 15, 2008

Platte Update 15 June 08

Platte was in great shape this morning before the storm hit and I was forced to seek refuge in the resturant with a big plate of Bacon!

Avoid the gully for a little while, there is still running water the farther you go down. Take the blue trail left which brings you up to the fence line trail just before you finally commit to the bottom of the gully. Its a trail not normally used by folks that ride the gully all the time. It takes you up thru some trees to a fence line and some single track that turns into double track, really fast down hill to the trail head marker.

Platte definitely weathered all the storms really well.

Thanks Jesse and crew.


dale said...

Nice to have an alternative insetad of tearing up a wet section. Thanks to those keeping up on the maintenance out at Platte.

NaugaBike said...

Thanks everyone for the work you have done and continue to do in efforts to repair the storm damage.

See you soon.

dmars said...

Good job guys, anyone know if lewis and clark is rideable?

dale said...

I heard a while back the property owner fenced off the trail crossing her land. Can ride trail as an out and back. Probably should ride the bottom loop south of the big log ramp in normal direction only.

rafal said...

ask mark he was there recently

Anonymous said...

Lewis and Clark needs to be entered from the south, by the main entrance. The trail to north of the monument is on private property.

The trial was in decent shape but the weeds need trimmed. I will be assessing the storm damage Thursday.

Trail days to cut new trails at L&C will be coming, if your available come out and help when those days are announced.