Saturday, June 14, 2008

more work on interior climb

Been a couple weeks with lots of rain since grade reversals were put in the interior climb at tp. Happy to report that they have worked well. Cleaned out the sedimentation and took the edge off the tread and cleared out more of the tread sod.

Put in three more grade reversal/nicks just below the downhill drop to the mcleod.

Chris' alternative line over barbwire pump can be seen to the left and the approach below.
Doug reports as of last night (Friday), 98% of tp was dry and very fast (till the next rain).


Greg said...

looks great, thanks for all your hard work.

dale said...

You're welcome. Lately, I've found my passion for working on the trail stronger than riding it. Putting in lots of hours (for me) at the shop, commuting by bike and transporting tools via bob satisfy my biking. Looking forward to riding Ponca Saturday, though.

buconine said...

Thanks for the work Dale! I like the name for the new section. Barbwire Pump is way too appropriate. Stunk to build, fun to ride!

I gotta agree with you on the trail work. I've ridden 3 laps at Tranq this year and none elsewhere. I've really come to enjoy working on the trail and watching it improve and evolve. Hopefully my health will come around and i can start riding again. Untill then, trail work it is!